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Business Credit Building in 30 Days

Business Credit Building in 30 Days

Getting Started with Business Credit

  • Business credit is credit in the name of a business and not its owner
  • It is an ongoing process and you must do it proactively
  • Building business credit will not just happen, you have to make it happen.
  • In just 30 days, you can hit the ground running and build business credit, but first, you need to make your business more fundable.
  • There is often no personal credit check.
  • Personal credit does not matter.
  • You gain two times the borrowing power because you will obtain two different credit profiles.
  • Business credit builds much faster than personal credit.
  • Business credit limits are 10-100% of consumer credit.

Getting Fundable is About More than Building Business Credit

  • Yes, fundability will help you get business credit fast, but building fundability also bakes credibility right into your business.
  • This will help your business attract prospects and will help you convert more of them into customers.
  • Getting fundable may even help to shorten your time to close, and it will do so long after the 30 day period has expired

  • A lot of these steps will require a phone call to a provider or chatting online.
  • To expedite matters, get someone to help you so you can get the preliminaries dne in a total of 2 or 3 days

Fast Business Credit Building: Your Business Name

  • Does your business contain the name of its industry?
  • That can be problematic if you’re in what is considered to be a risky industry.
  • Risk is usually defined as:
  • A higher chance of injury on the job
  • Businesses which perform more cash transactions than most other companies
  • To become more fundable, don’t add the name of a risky industry to your business name
  • Deciding your business name can take less than a day

Fast Business Credit Building: Your Phone Number

  • A cell phone or home phone number will get your business flagged.
  • It will not be considered to be established
  • This will harm your business in your quest for fundability
  • But you can use Voice Over IP, which enables any phone number to ring any device
  • So you can still use your cell phone
  • Toll-free numbers are best
  • That is, 800 or an equivalent exchange such as 877 or 888
  • You also want to have a 411 listing, which you can get via
  • Lenders and credit providers will be looking for your phone numbers, so make them findable
  • You can get a toll free number fast through a provider such as Ringcentral

Fast Business Credit Building: Your Business Address

  • Working from a residence can be a red flag to lenders and credit providers
  • They will check your business address on Google Street View and flag it as residential, and you will be denied business credit
  • A virtual business address can address all these issues.
  • You get a deliverable address, not a PO box or UPS box, which would also be flagged and generate a denial
  • This means an actual brick and mortar address
  • Some plans give you access to clerical help, conference rooms, mail forwarding, and more. Some examples are Alliance, Da Vinci, Regus.
  • You can contact any of these providers and get a fast live quote

Fast Business Credit Building: Your Business Website

  • You must have a professional-looking website and email address
  • Your domain needs to be or .net
  • Never use Wix or Weebly
  • You will need hosting through a hosting company like GoDaddy
  • You can buy a domain and set up a website in about a day. Larger hosting companies will provide services to help if you are inexperienced with this.

Fast Business Credit Building: Your Business Email

  • Your email address needs to be on the same domain as your website
  • Generic professional names work well, such as

  • Don’t use Gmail. Yahoo, or AOL
  • Don’t worry about checking yet another email address, you can have any email forward to any other email
  • You can set up all of this up at the same time you set up hosting

Fast Business Credit Building: The Secretary of State’s Office

  • The Secretary of State’s office has info on every license needed to run your business
  • They also have helpful information, like if you need to take continuing education to maintain your license
  • Processing time varies, and in some states, it won’t be completed in time
  • But even if licensing will come past the 30 day mark, you can at least get started with getting your licensing
  • Even business credit providers which insist that you have licenses may make an allowance if you can prove you have put in your application
  • Be sure to print and keep copies of receipts and forms

Fast Business Credit Building: Your Business Bank Account

  • Many business credit providers will insist that you have a business bank account
  • It must be devoted to your business
  • This will also help to keep you from accidentally commingling funds
  • You can apply for business bank online at many banks, even if the bank has brick and mortar locations
  • In particular, if you have a personal bank account, and you have managed it well, you can get a business account fast.
  • You can often be approved within as little as 15 minutes online
  • But it may take longer for you to get a debit card or checks through the mail
  • So to save time, you may want to do this in person.

Fast Business Credit Building: Your EIN and Business Entity

  • Visit the IRS website
  • Get a free EIN for your business
  • Choose a business entity like corporation, LLC, etc
  • You can start off as a sole proprietor, but you will most likely want to change to a type of corporation
  • This is to minimize risk and maximize tax benefits
  • A DBA is not a separate business entity

Fast Business Credit Building: the IRS

  • Getting an EIN and choosing a business entity at are both fast
  • They will happen as quickly as your internet connection allows
  • Doing these things at this stage means you have got a set business address, phone number, etc.
  • So you wouldn’t have to change them later

Fast Business Credit Building: SIC and NAICS Codes

  • You will, also choose codes at
  • SIC and NAICS codes classify your business
  • The IRS is moving from SIC to NAICS
  • But for now, consider both to be available
  • Codes show what your business does
  • For example, NAICS code 531312 classifies Nonresidential Property Managers
  • If your business could fit under one or more codes, choose the less risky code.
  • Lenders and credit providers are far less likely to approve a business if they consider it to be risky.
  • Risky often means a higher chance of injury on the job or a business with more cash transactions than the average
  • You choose codes at the same time as you get your EIN and select a business entity
  • You can get all of this done in less than an hour, internet permitting.

Fast Business Credit Building: Incorporating Your Business

  • The amount of time it takes to incorporate will vary
  • It will depend on the state you are incorporated in
  • It will also depend on the means you use
  • In general, online will be faster
  • Even if you apply to incorporate online, you may still have to wait a few business days
  • In general, you will need Articles of Incorporation
  • If you want them drafted quickly and correctly, you will probably need to hire a corporate attorney
  • In the meantime, you can be working on some of the other things you need to get fundable and quickly build business credit.

Fast Business Credit Building: Your DUNS Number

  • To build business credit, you will need a DUNS number from Dun and Bradstreet
  • A DUNS number with three or more reported payment experiences will generate a business credit report.
  • Therefore, you will have built business credit
  • Visit:
  • Visit:
  • The free product will send you a DUNS number within 30 days
  • But with the 30 day time frame, you don’t have that kind of time to spend waiting.
  • Hence, you will end up spending $229 to get an experienced DUNS number in five business days or less
  • $229 with DUNSFile and CreditSignal will also get you monitoring, but it is only monitoring of your D&B business credit scores.
  • You will also get alerts when your score changes, and you will get a full basic D&B business credit file

Fast Business Credit Building: Establish Payment Experiences

  • Lenders consider your credit history as one of the chief factors when determining creditworthiness
  • Making timely payments will demonstrate to anyone looking to do business with your company that you are low risk.
  • You can open most credit accounts online in just a few minutes, but it will take longer to see the impact on your credit score
  • To save time, you only want vendors which will report to the business credit reporting agencies.

Fast Business Credit Building: Work with Vendors Which Report

  • Most vendors don’t report, but three that do are Uline, Crown Office Supplies, and Strategic Network Solutions
  • Even vendors which report may need you to reach a certain minimum before they will report
  • Crown Office Supplies requires an annual membership.
  • Check the fine print and call or chat online with a representative to get information fast
  • Keep in mind, it can take over 30 days for reported purchases to show up on your business credit report.


  • When all is said and done, it may take over 30 days to build business credit, but if your business is already set up, that will save time.
  • You may need to pay to get everything done faster and correctly the first time, which will also save time.
  • But no matter what, once the 30 days have elapsed, you business will be set up and will exude fundability
  • A highly fundable business setup will only help you in the years to come