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How to Improve Your Paydex Score

How to Improve Your Paydex Score

Dun & Backstreet

D&B Scores


It’s not enough to just have a D-U-N-S number if you want a score from D&B, you also need payment experiences.

Reports To D&B

A payment experience is just a reported purchase from a business which reports to D&B.

Payment Experiences

Three payment experiences should be enough to meet their requirement.

D&B Reports

  • D&B offers database-generated reports.
  • The idea is to help their clients decide whether a business is a good credit risk.
  • Companies use the reports to make informed business credit decisions and avoid bad debt.
  • Several factors enter into creating such a report.
  • In general, when D&B does not have all the data they need, they will indicate as much in their reports, but missing data does not necessarily mean a company is a poor credit risk. Instead, the risk is unknown.
  • Unknowns tend to make lenders nervous.

D&B Data

D&B Scores

  • PAYDEX is probably the best-known D&B score
  • Some others include: D&B rating, Delinquency Predictor, Financial Stress Score, and Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating.
  • For a sample Business Information Report, visit


  • This is D&B’s dollar-weighted numerical rating of how a company has paid its bills over the past year.
  • D&B bases this score on trade experiences reported by various vendors.
  • The score ranges from 1 to 100.
  • Higher scores mean a better payment performance.

  • PAYDEX scores reflect how well a company pays its bills.

PAYDEX Numbers

  • D&B has created risk categories to make it easier to translate a PAYDEX Score into understandable risk groups:
  • PAYDEX 80-100: Low risk of late payment
  • PAYDEX 50-79: Moderate risk of late payment
  • PAYDEX 0-49: High risk of late payment
  • Based on changes to your PAYDEX, D&B takes a proactive approach to notify you when a change in your score is bringing you closer to a different risk category.

D&B Uses LexisNexis

  • Every home you’ve ever owned, values, sale prices
  • Building materials for your home, HOA info, beds, baths, roofing, AC Units
  • Deeds, mortgages, title companies, interest rates, loan amounts, terms, loan types
  • Every phone number and email you’ve ever had
  • All licenses, firearms, mortgages, and violations
  • Traffic tickets, felonies, misdemeanors, sex offender records
  • Name variations
  • Marriage and divorce records
  • Every vehicle owned including VIN
  • Every insurance policy you’ve ever had
  • Every business you’ve been associated with
  • Family info including children
  • Loans and leases
  • Aircraft and boat owner records
  • Public records including bankruptcies, judgements, lawsuits, liens
  • Education information including degrees, schools, dates attended and graduated
  • Military records
  • Online marketing records
  • Short-term credit offer request records

Improving Your PAYDEX Score

D&B Business Information Reports

  • For a snapshot of your business’s financial health, the best report to get is probably a Business Information Report.
  • Currently, it costs $139.99.
  • You can get a Business Information Report on your own business or a company you’re considering doing business with.
  • In addition to a PAYDEX Score, a D&B Business Information Report contains:
  • Trade payments (summary and by industry)
  • Trade line specifics with dollar amounts and terms
  • Legal events
  • Company events (mainly concerning ownership and management)
  • A company family tree showing ownership specifics
  • A Business Information Report also contains a Risk Assessment Summary.
  • This summary shows:
  • Maximum credit recommendation
  • Delinquency Predictor percentile
  • Financial Stress percentile
  • Supplier Evaluation risk

Monitoring Your D&B Credit Scores and Reports

  • Business credit reports are not always perfectly correct.
  • All of the major CRAs, including D&B, are committed to accuracy.
  • But you won’t know there are errors unless you monitor your business credit reports.
  • For D&B only, you can monitor your reports via CreditMonitor
  • It currently cost $39 a month
  • Visit:

  • The costs of monitoring can add up fast.
  • At Experian, your best bet would be a Business Credit Advantage Subscription Plan.
  • It currently costs $189 per year.
  • Visit:
  • At Equifax, you would use Equifax Complete.
  • It currently costs $19.95 per month after an offer of 30 days for $4.95.
  • Visit:
  • Add these all together for the year and it’s $468 for D&B, $189 for Experian, and $224.40 for Equifax for a grand total of $881.40.
  • You can monitor your business credit at D&, Equifax, and Experian through Credit Suite for considerable savings over what it would cost you at those CRAs all in one place.
  • Credit Suite offers monitoring through the Business Finance Suite.
  • See what credit issuers and lenders see so you can directly improve your scores and get the business credit and funding you need.
  • Visit:

Correcting Your D&B Credit Scores and Reports

Disputing Issues With Your D&B Credit Scores and Reports

  • D&B won’t change your scores without proof.
  • Disputing credit report errors normally means you mail a paper letter
  • Include duplicates of any proofs of payment with it.
  • These are documents like receipts and cancelled checks.
  • Never mail the originals, always send copies and keep the original copies.
  • Fixing credit report errors also means you specifically spell out any charges you challenge.
  • Make sure your dispute is as crystal clear as possible
  • If you need to mail anything in, then use certified mail so that you will have proof that you sent in your dispute.
  • Be specific about the concerns with your report
  • D&B wants you to go through D&B Customer Service to add payment experiences.
  • D&B’s Customer Service contact number can be found at