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Need Business Funding?

Prepare your company for funding, before you apply. If you apply for business funding the company is properly prepared, you will be denied. This causes frustration with business funding, and it makes it mystical in the eyes of those refused. What happened? It also make small business people dependent on those in the know.

Here’s a fundamental issue you may not know:

Avoid The Problems. What You Don’t Know Hurts You.

The business address must be commercial or industrial. The business address should be paid from the business credit card or the business bank account. The business phone number must be tied to that business address. Your name must be on the public record as the principal of the company. All of this information must be accurate with the Secretary of State where the company was filed and where the business is doing business, and consistent with the business licenses. And finally, that same information must be exact and consistent on the loan application. Failing this basic step is failing to get business funding. And it’s not rocket science. You only need someone to guide you through the process.

Here’s Another Issue: Know What Do Do.

Business credit has a procedure and an order to maximize results. If you ask for the kiss to early on the date, you’ll be denied a yes. If you ask for the business loan before taking the necessary steps, you’ll be denied the business loan. Once you’re aware of the procedure, you’ll understand what to do. If you’re sitting there thinking, “What’s next?” then you’re not ready to get the job done. Our job to get you into the right company and guide you in the right direction. Know what to do and get it done.

The fix is easy. Do it right and obtain business funding ASAP.

  • Know how to prepare your company. Acquire a company that meets lender requirements.

  • Build the company business credit step-by-step. Set up your business profile with Business Experian, Business Equifax and D&B.

  • Initial credit starts with vendors that produce results in building a business credit profile. Know who those vendors are to leverage your business credit profile.

  • Know the correct order to apply for business credit and make it happen with known funding sources.

  • Get coaching.

  • A personal guarantee is not required. When you fill out the business credit application, leave your SSN off the business loan application.

We Offer:

We offer the CreditSuite program and a corporation that’s set up and ready for business.  After you acquire the company, the business address and the public record must be updated.  Then start building the business credit profile.

You can buy the CreditSuite program from hundreds of sellers. We’re better because we throw in a two-year-old company. An aged company is better for the following reasons:

  • Your customers will feel better about doing business with an aged company rather than a new one.

  • Leasing equipment and a rental space is easier with an aged company.

  • We filed the company in a certain way to maximize gains.

We combine a ready-made company with the CreditSuite program. Usually, CreditSuite discourages the use of aged shelf companies alone for building business credit. So, we won’t discuss how the age of the company influences your business credit prospects. We will only say that your customers buy from you more often, boosting sales and revenue, which indirectly boosts financing in the long term. Lenders like to see stability and revenue over time.

We can incorporate a new company for you or provide an aged company that’s approaching two years of age at no additional cost.

  • Set up the business correctly

  • Be ready with actions steps to get things done in order

  • Get approved for initial business credit

  • Build the business credit profile

  • Monitor business credit reports and business credit scores (D&B, Business Equifax, Business Experian)

What Type Of Business Credit Is Available?

  • Starter Vendor Credit: 100’s of vendors that report to the Business credit reporting agencies.

  • Advanced Vendor Credit

  • Retail Credit: National stores and retailers.

  • Fleet Credit: Fuel, truck and auto, and commercial.

  • Service Credit

  • Business Credit: Visa, MasterCard

  • Vehicle Financing

  • Revolving credit cards in your business’s name. No personal guarantee required.

  • Link the business credit to your business EIN, and not your SSN.

Access the CreditSuite Business Credit Builder to run your business.

Expand and enjoy success.

  • Get business credit coaching and help with navigation.

  • Save time and money.

  • Monitor your business credit in real time.

  • Meet the unpublished requirements of lenders and business loan underwriting.

  • Receive automated approvals for business funding.

  • Aid with 411 listing.

  • Check the credibility of the business address before you buy.

  • Fix Damaged Business Credit

  • Business Credit & Score Training

  • Get Setup with D&B, Experian & Equifax

  • Access High-Limit Store Credit Cards

  • Access Auto Vehicle Financing

  • Access High-Limit Fleet Credit Cards

  • Access High-Limit Cash Credit Cards

  • Exclusive Access to Starter Vendors

  • Exclusive Access to Advance Vendors

Financing Access And Support

  • 24/7 Access

  • Unsecured, No-Doc, 0% Financing

  • Save 90% of Full Credit Monitoring

  • 12-Months of Business Advisor Support

  • Auto Financing with no Personal Guarantee

  • Secure Business Loans

  • Get Loans with Low Rates

  • 5-Years of Finance Specialist Support

  • LexisNexis Report

  • ChexSystems Report

How Much? $3000

Includes the entire CreditSuite program and…

An aged shelf company or a new one.